This historic home located in Truro is beautifully situated on top of a hill in Truro with views of the ocean. When the home owner approached us, they had a desire to build an in-law apartment.

Prior to renovation and addition by MassTech

Prior to renovation and addition by MassTech

When the home owner purchased this home, it was in need of exterior renovation needing new siding and a roof. Being a handy person, the home owner took the Do It Yourself approach with the siding and paint on the existing home. When it came time to build the in-law edition, the home owner put the project out to bid, ultimately choosing our crew at MassTech.

As the old garage behind the primary home was in a state of disrepair, MassTech began by demolishing this building to make way for the new in-law addition. Our team coordinated a local company to excavate and pour a foundation for the addition, making a usable basement with potential for finishing.

Two people standing inside a freshly poured foundation

Pouring the foundation for the Cape Cod addition

Home Addition Framed with plywood but no windows or siding yet, the ground bare

Framing the new Cape Cod addition


Overhead view looking down on two roofs with a roof-covered catwalk connecting both buildings

The new addition (left) and original home (right) with a covered catwalk connecting new and old.

A covered catwalk and complete new roof

MassTech created a covered, fully finished catwalk to connect the old home to the new addition. We were also hired to completely replace the roof on the old building to match the new addition, working around the historic dormers.

Private access with egress stairs and a deck

MassTech always follows local building regulations, pulling permits and meeting with local building inspectors. As a requirement of Massachusetts building code, the new addition needed an emergency exit for the second floor unit which the home owner turned into an art studio. Our experienced decking team created the egress stairs as well as a small deck, perfect for artist inspiration on beautiful Cape Cod days. In the roof towards the rear of the addition, we also installed two skylights to bring natural light into the art studio. The egress stairs also provide for convenient 24/7 private access without disturbing residents of the original home.

Photo of the rear of the addition showing the egress deck and stairs as well as skylight windows.

The skylight windows for the art studio, deck and egress stairs for private access.

A Raving Review from the Home Owner, Greg