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MassTech Roofing and Building Co. is a highly-rated roofing company serving the Boston area. For over 30 years, we’ve been installing and maintaining roofs from Cambridge and Boston to Cohasset and Plymouth.

We service both residential homes and commercial buildings and can install all types of roofing materials: We can handle traditional asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate shingles, wood shakes, rubber and TPO (flat roofs). All of our roofing installs carry a competitive, minimum 30-year warranty and we stand by it — check out our reviews to see how we go above and beyond for our customers, even during New England storms!

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8 Reasons to Choose MassTech

  • 1. 50-year Warranty on New Roofs

    You’ll get a 50-year warranty on your shingles, transferrable to the next owner for up to 12 years. We stand behind our work by providing a 15-year workmanship warranty.

  • 2. Large Service Area

    We service everywhere from Boston to Cape Cod. We primarily focus on Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Bristol County, and Barnstable County. We sometimes travel further for larger projects, such as Rhode Island.

  • 3. Speed is a Top Priority

    We know how disruptive large projects like a new roof can be. That's why we maintain a sizeable crew to execute on your project as quickly as possible while maintaining a high standard for safety.

  • 4. Full-Service Residential and Commercial Roofing

    Whether you're looking for a convential asphalt shingle roof for your home, a modern farmhouse with mixed-media roofing, or need a large rubber roof for a commerical building, we're here to help. We offer every type of roofing.

  • 5. Solar Experience

    If you currently have solar panels but you're in need of a new roof, rest assured MassTech is ready and able for the job. We can easily and safely work arcund your existing solar panels, uninstalling and reinstalling them before a new roof or roof repair. We can also install new solar panel systems.

  • 6. We're Available 24/7

    At any time, you can directly reach MassTech's owner, Costi. He's available for roofing emergencies via text at 781-264-2276 or phone call at 781-227-6990.

  • 7. We're More than Just Roofers

    MassTech is a licensed general contractor with decades of experience in not just roofing but all types of home repairs. Inevitebly problems arise when taking on a large project such as a new roof. When you hire MassTech, rest assured if you run into an issue such as a roof joist needing replacement, our crew will be able to promptly address it all under one roof (see what we did there?)!

    In addition to comprehensive roofing services, we also offer full home builds and home additions.

  • 8. We're Family Owned

    We're localy (Pembroke, MA) and family owned for over 30 years!

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