After meeting with numerous roofing contractors to get estimates for a full roof replacement, I made the decision to go with Mass-Tech Roofing. They were not among the most expensive I estimates I received, but they were not the cheapest either. However, their warranty was the best out of everyone and the materials they used were the same as the companies that gave me the high dollar estimates. What really sealed the deal for me was Jeff, the representative that came to my home and went over the job with me. He explained everything in great detail, gave me his opinion on what the house needed, what should be changed and what could be done to improve the performance and longevity of my roof. All with different price structures depending on what I wanted to have done. Sounds like basic stuff that would normally come with an estimate? But no one else that I dealt with took the time to put it together like Jeff did. When the crew came out they were able to do the entire job in one day (shocked me!). They worked efficiently, cleanly and were super well organized. I can’t say enough good things about them and have already passed on the companies name to a couple other people looking to have the same thing done in the near future. My once questionable roof is now something I no longer need to stress out about every time the weather gets bad and I couldn’t be happier!