The owner of this Braintree home approached us with a desire to increase their living space with a 2nd story addition. Given the home’s roof was in need of repair, it made sense to add a second story at this time.

MassTech began with an inspection. Given their prior home’s basement was dry and substantial and the home itself was in good condition, we decided to proceed with the 2nd story addition project.

Braintree 1-story home prior to addition

MassTech began by removing the old roof and roof framing in order to ready the home for the second story framing.

Our crew removing the old roof

Foundation repairs

While the foundation was in good shape with an ample-sized basement, there were portions of the foundation that needed repairs. In particular, MassTech worked with the Braintree building inspector to make a few areas of the foundation safe to support the new, 2-story building. At some point since the orginal home was built, an addition was added with a crawl-space foundation. This crawl space foundation was insufficient to support the new load. MassTech dug down below the crawl space foundation, pouring two 2×20 foot walls under it to ensure this home is on a strong footing for decades to come.

An amazing transformation

The transformation this home went through took the owner’s breath away! MassTech framed out the entire 2-story addition complete with 3 dormers as well as a family room wing on the left side of the home. The home went from just under 1,600 square feet to 3,000 square feet with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a 4-season family room.

We used industry-leading zip system to ensure the home will be weather tight for decades to come. Pre-painted hardy board siding was installed as well as all new windows and doors.



To improve the character and create useful outdoor space, MassTech designed and built this wraparound deck at the front of the home. Below is a photo of the new porch with the roof installed, prior to the finish work.


The farm house wraparound porch

While this 2-story home addition in Braintree is still under construction, it is nearing completion. MassTech added PVC trim to the support posts for the farm house porch, as well as composite decking supplied by the home owner. Given this porch is less than 29″ off the ground, a railing was not required according to code.

Nearing completion of this 2-story home addition on Braintree