MassTech helped the owner of this 3-story home expand from 2 units to 3 units and a complete exterior renovation. Built in Abington in 1900 and newly acquired by the owner, this home was in need of a face lift.

Pink home from 1900 in need of paint and a new roof

The home in Abington before MassTech’s renovation

Complete Attic Renovation to Create a Third Unit

Prior to the exterior work, MassTech completed a full gut of the original attic to help create space for a 3rd, 2,800 square foot unit spanning an area of the home from the first to the third floor. As the attic space was previously used for storage, we began with a full gut, making structural framing repairs as needed. We came through and used spray foam insulation to make this older home more efficient. As this space would now be used for living area, MassTech worked with Abington’s building inspector to adhere to modern safety guidelines around the windows at the third floor: The old windows were removed and modern egress windows were installed to meet the requirements of a 5.7-foot opening for a fire escape, complete with high-end copper flashing.

Installation of HVAC System Duct Work

While 2 of the 3 units in this building use an older heating system, the home owner wanted to modernize the new unit. MassTech helped install all of the necessary duct work to allow the new unit to use a modern heat pump system. We also installed venting for the new HVAC system.

3-story home showing HVAC vents

MassTech installed 3 HVAC vents into the new roof

Masonry Repairs

As the fire places in this home are not in use, MassTech removed 1 of the 2 chimneys on the home owner’s request to allow for a more flexible layout in the new unit. MassTech’s mason helped make repairs to the chimney that remains and is now safe to use as a fireplace.

New Entrance Decking

MassTech’s crew has decades of experience with decking. We removed the old, unsafe decking and installed all brand-new decking using a composite material and modern railing systems to last for decades to come, complete with a beautiful “picture frame” install on both the deck and stairs.

Photo showing the new deck

Installation of New Windows, Siding and Paint

We removed all of the old windows throughout the entire building and replaced with modern, energy efficient windows. In the new unit’s closets and bathrooms on the 3rd floors, we installed skylights to bring in daylight.

All brand new siding was added to the entire home as well as the smaller accessory buildings attached on the left side of the home. PVC panels were used to make the front facade of this home beautiful again. Our paint crew came through and painted the building a beautiful, timeless grey.