In recent years, interest rates have skyrocketed. Many home owners, who have previously-secured low mortgages, have avoided selling their homes even though they may need more space. The owner of this 1,900 square foot home in Boston (West Roxbury) approached us when his family grew — was there any way to add additional living space without moving and taking on a much higher mortgage?

White, 1900 square foot home in West Roxbury in Boston with a red car sitting in the driveway

The 1,900 square foot home in Boston before MassTech’s addition

Prior to MassTech being hired to install this home addition in Boston, the upstairs living space felt like more of an attic with sloped ceilings on the front and back. MassTech was hired and our architect helped create drawings to affordably lift the front of the home, substantially increasing the space on the second floor towards the front of the building.

The home owner is extremely happy with the outcome as he and his family have been able to remain in their current home without taking on an expensive move and new mortgage at a much higher rate.

After MassTech's completed Boston home addition

After MassTech’s completed Boston home addition


Roof line photo

Another view of the Boston home addition built by MassTech