While MassTech can handle any residential home roofing project, our crew is also capable of handling large-scale commercial roofing projects. In 2022, we were hired to replace the rubber roof on this 4-story industrial building in Holbrook Massachusetts.

When the owner of this building approached us, we began with an inspection of their rubber roof. At the time, the roof had several leaks. The rubber roof was in a state of disrepair as seen below.

The rubber roof in a state of disrepair

Working Around the Client’s Budget

Given this roof was very large at 21,000 square feet, MassTech helped work with the owner to spread the budget and complete the project in two phases. We identified a portion of the project to complete first, while making temporary repairs to the remaining roof to be completed at a later date.

Installation of Safety Stairs

Given the building is 4 stories and over 40 feet tall, safe access for our crew and for local building inspectors was a must. Prior to starting any work, MassTech came to install a 4-story scaffolding system complete with safety railings to allow for safe access to the roof.

Scaffolding by MassTech


Safety scaffolding to access rubber roof

After removing the old rubber roof, MassTech was able to expose the original metal roof which featured ridges with grooves. Given the rising energy costs, we took this as an opportunity present an opportunity to the building’s owner to vastly improve the efficiency of their heating system.

MassTech retrofitted this roof by custom-cutting R38 ISO poly foam to fit inside each groove of the original metal roof. (In addition, on the inside of the building we also applied R14 closed-cell foam insulation.) A second layer of R38 foam laid perpendicular to the custom-cut panels was added, followed by the rubber roof membrane.

Installation system with custom insulation under the rubber roof

While completing rubber roof replacements, MassTech is always encountering objects we must flash around. In this case, the building had a large industrial furnace inside with a venting pipe going through the flat roof. Our crew professionally flashed around this pipe with ease.

Installation system with custom insulation under the rubber roof

After completing the initial phase of this rubber roof project in 2020, we returned bi-annually to inspect and make repairs for the other portion of the roof that was at the end of its life. Once the building owner secured financing to complete the remaining roof, we returned in 2022 to complete it.


MassTech provided a 20-year workmanship and materials warranty for this rubber roof.

If you have a rubber roof in need of repair, please contact us. MassTech’s fully-licensed and experienced crew can handle rubber roof repairs and installs in Massachusetts of any size.